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FHI Heat Flirt Envy Blowout BrushThe Envy Blowout Brush is your new best friend and go-to beauty tool. Don't you wish you could get daily salon-worthy blowouts? Now you can!

What You Get

  • Blowout Brush
  • Owner's Manual

How to Use

  • Step 1: Thoroughly towel dry; Step 2: Brush through your damp hair; Step 3: Spritz your hair with a primer; Step 4: Divide hair into small-to-medium sections; Step 5: Beginning at the roots, rotate your Envy Blowout Brush down through each section on medium-to-high heat; Step 6: Use the cool-air setting to set your blowout

Good to Know

  • For a smooth blowout: While drying, use the Envy Blowout Brush like you would a regular brush, moving from crown to ends. Then, place it underneath your ends and twist inwards for a soft curl. Hold for 2 seconds.
  • For extra volume: With the Envy Blowout Brush sitting horizontal at your crown, under a section of hair, slowly twist it outwards while you move from roots to ends.

FHI Heat Flirt Envy Blowout Brush

2 Pounds
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