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Artri King Gel 250 grams:It is a 100% Natural Gel with fast action with active
components that work to calm muscle pain. In addition, it provides long-
lasting relief in any area with discomfort, because its active ingredients
dilate the blood vessels, generating a sensation of heat. Gel Artri King is
formulated for rapid absorption, ingredients with anti-inflammatory and
soothing properties.Benefits of Artri King Gel:Arthritis
PainRumasGoutOsteoratritisArteriosclerosisSciaticaUric acidArticulations
painIngredients:ArnicaEucalyptusMentholPeppermint oilWhite WillowOther
proprietary ingredientsHow to Use: Apply to clean skin and massage in a circle
until absorbed. Bandage in case of severe bumps or pain.


  • Artriking Pomada Gel 250 Gr
  • 8.8 Ounce Large Jar ( Big Jar )

ArtriKing Artri King Gel 250 G. Pomade Effective For Pain

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